Let's start with a trivial thing.

Short story

When I went to high school I had to do a project of my choice on a subject that fascinated me. I liked the smart chat bots but I didn't have the knowledge to create a real one. So I created a fake one.

alt text

On the web I had seen a fake chatbot earlier. It put two unknown humans in contact; both believed they were talking to a bot.

So I thought to use the same trick. However, using public conversations that have already taken place (on Twitter) rather than live conversations.


Obviously the idea was a failure because the bot is stupid (it does not distinguish nonsensical phrases from the others, and the internet is full of meaningless phrases) and other reasons. And I never presented it!


After years I have found again the whole source code on an old USB and, despite the uselessness of the project, some parts of it could be good. So I posted it on Github.

Source Code https://github.com/derogab/fake-ai